Digital Advertising

Advertise your business to a captive audience inside the local registries

Local Digital Advertising Offer

locationCaptive Outdoor Media is offering a unique and exciting advertising opportunity in the Alberta Registry offices. We have teamed up with an ever growing list independant registry offices in Edmonton and Calgary to let you advertise to potential new clients while they wait in line for the services that every Albertan has to do like; getting and renewing a Licence, vehicle registration, Incorporating businesses, Alberta Health Care, Birth and Marriage Certificates, Land titles…

Digital Signage is by far the fastest growing advertising method used by small, medium and large businesses today. Digital Signage is the way of the future and its use is a move in the right direction for any message outreach effort your business may have planned for the future.

How It Works

EASY AS 1, 2, 3:

Getting started

So, ask yourself these three questions:
How long should my term be?
How many locations should I place my message in?
What style of Ad do I need, Billboard or Video? 


Choose Your Term Length

Choose from a 3, 6, or 12 Month Air-tim eTerm and we are ready to launch!


Pick Your

20+ Targeted Registry Locations to choose from in Alberta.


Production Style

Choose either:
Billboard or Video for your Ad.

Exposure Time



8 Min


1440 +



Multiply placement discounts available to 12 month subscriptions in more than one location

Our Locations

Edmonton – 9 Locations

Northtown Registry

Registrations Are Us

West-End Registries

Callingwood Registries

Riverbend Registry

Ellerslie Registry

Millwoods Registry

MAC Insurance & Registry – Downtown

MAC Insurance & Registry – Stony Plain

Calgary – 14 Locations

Beddington Registry Services

Calgary Registry Services

Taradale Registry

New Urban Registry

Macleod Trail Registry

The Registry Depot

Provincial Registry Service Centre

Marda Loop Registry

Chinook Registry

Wild Rose Licence & Registry

Shawnessy Licence & Registry

Registry Express

AltaFacts Search & Registry

Chestermere Registry

Airdrie Registry

Our Rates

Multi-Location Commitments subject to price discounts.

3 Months

Full-screen Ad on 3 Month term

6 Months

Full-screen Ad on 6 Month term

12 Months

Full-screen Ad on 12 Month term

30 Second Ad


(One Time Charge $999)


(One Time Charge $1699)


(One Time Charge $2699)

Have Questions?

Give us a call and let us help you find the best location(s) and format to start broadcasting your message. Phone: 780.426.2554

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Horizontal Screens

Portrait Screens

Video Walls