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From CONCEPT to DESIGN to PERMITTING to CONSTRUCTION & INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE we deliver all kinds of signs. We’ll work closely with you to understand your signage needs then bring you only the very best signage solution(s) available, meeting your specifications and budgets! Call Us Today to Get Started


We offer a wide selection of signs and service for your business. We handle the whole process from start to finish making sure you get the signage that you’re after. Signage that will get you noticed in the market place.


Starting with an initial consultation so we can understand your signage needs and what you hope to accomplish within your allocated budgets.


Once we have a good understanding of your needs we’ll get to work for you by creating custom sign mock-up(s) so you can see what your new sign will look like beforehand.


And Finally, we will get your sign permits processed, commence manufacturing and when completed, install your new sign for the entire world to see!


Choosing the right type of channel letter signage for your business will help you increase your brand awareness and in turn your bottom line. You only buy a sign for your business once, so let us help you find the best signage that is perfect for your location, environment and that maximizes your budget.

Front-Lit Channel Letters

  • The most common type of dimensional channel letter signs
  • Bold, bright and easy to read from far distances
  • Emanate light from the face of each letter (or logo)
  • Used on storefronts, commercial buildings, schools, restaurants and churches…
  • Sometimes called standard channel letter signs

Back-Lit Channel Letters

  • Perfect for creating a elegant sign presentation
  • Create a visually striking halo effect around logo and lettering
  • Back-lit letters are reversed and light emanates backwards toward the wall
  • Sometimes called reverse-lit or halo-lit channel letter signs
  • The second most common type of dimensional channel letter signs

Open-Face Channel Letters

  • Create a very unique, eye catching and dramatic look
  • Exposed neon illumination inside open letter faces
  • Excellent choice for businesses that need a highly visible night presence like restaurants, bars and nightclubs
  • Clear acrylic faces are available to cut down on the up keep and maintenance exposed neon requires


Pylon signs are often called pole or freestanding signs. Basically they are signs erected on a pole or pylon independent of any building or structure. Since they are typically mounted higher in the air than monument signs, pole signs offer excellent visibility from a distance.

One of the many advantages of pylon signs is to separate your business from the rest along your street, reflecting your company’s identity and professionalism. The pole(s) can be covered with an attractive shroud to provide that added dimension (and ascetic impact!) to your sign.

Pylon signs are typically illuminated, either internally (most common) or externally. Are you really looking for maximum impact and message capabilities? Simply add an electronic message center (LED Sign) for an unparalleled eye-catching display!


Typical architectural sign uses include directional, point of purchase signage, directories, regulatory signs, and a wide variety of on-premise signs inside multi-tenant buildings.

A monument sign is a ground sign with low overall height. A monument is a detached, freestanding sign whose sign surface is attached to a proportionate solid base or structural frame. Also called ground signs or low profile signs, monuments are typically known for their solid base and low-to-the-ground installation. They can be internally or externally illuminated.


Awnings give your business a truly impressive image. Make your location stand out with an inviting, professional treatment to your storefront or restaurant with our specially designed awning and canopy signage. With the illuminated option your business can shine day or night!

Popular Awning Types: Waterfall, Dome Awning, Backlit with Pop-up, Backlit with Dormer, Canopy with Hip Ends, Gabled Entrance Canopy or Rounded Entrance Canopy

We know choosing the right signage option for your business can be a bit overwhelming. We’d be happy to help you select the perfect awning, canopy or any other type of signage type for the interior and exterior of your building. CALL US today to review your options.


Well designed and perfectly crafted exterior shop fascia signs create a welcoming first impression for your customers.


Cabinet signs allow for an effective way of utilizing large display areas and stunning visual graphics to express your brand and location, day and night. Cabinet signage can be built to almost any shape or size to best suit your business needs. Commonly called “wall” or “box” signs, cabinet signs are a traditional form of illuminated signage.

Depending on the complexity of each individual cabinet, our cabinet signs are strong, durable and long lasting and can be made to fit anyone’s budget.

Cabinet signs are perfect for:
Retail Businesses, Churches, Schools, Auto Repair, Shops, Restaurants and more!


An LED sign outside your office would be an effective way to garner a new clientele, as they drive by a high traffic area. Businesses can use our message LED Signage to spread the world of their offers and find new customer. You’ll definitely appreciate how easy it is to upload new messages on regular basis, in order to keep up with various sales and promotions.

Whatever your industry, let us customize a message board that will meet your communication goals! CALL US TODAY: (780) 426-2554

An outdoor LED sign is one of the most current ways to advertise your business. When positioned in a high traffic, high exposure area, an outdoor LED sign proves to be one of the highest tactics for message recall and so is a great advertising option for return on your investment. Digital message boards increase your store’s visibility and exposure while serving your business interests.

We offer a number of different LED products to serve your interests. Outdoor LED signs, Billboard LED signs, Mobile LED signs, Message LED signs, Indoor LED signs and the like. CALL US to find out your best options for your business interests.


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